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SarahMya, Hairstylist and Davines Color Educator

Want to play with hair color or cover greys but also live a less toxic lifestyle?! You have options! SarahMya is an educator for an ammonia free, permanent haircolor made by Davines called A New Colour.

The line is *ammonia-free *PPD-free *fragrance-free *cruelty-free *vegan *full grey coverage!

From Davines:

An authentic emblem of sustainable beauty, A New Colour is an innovative Ammonia-Free, Permanent colouring line designed to work on target, guaranteeing excellent performance whether covering grey hair, lightening or darkening, or changing reflects.

The strong point of the formulations, the same colourings used by Nature to create its chromatic glory day after day: carotenoids - vegetable pigments with an antioxidant action (that influence the colouring of various creatures including insects), and vegetable melanin, an antioxidant and anti-free radical, extracted from the date palm.

A formula revolution that represents a turnaround for colour services, bringing the stylist's creativity to the fore and simplifying the technique, with the certainty of a result with multiple plus points: a service that is enjoyable and gentle, free from unpleasant effects and odours; the impact of the colours, velvety, intense and multi-faceted; the poly-sensorial fascination of hair that is soft, hydrated, and lastingly shiny.